Juventus begins Serie A title 2020 with hat-trick

Juventus begins Serie A title 2020 with hat-trick

Juventus is one of the biggest teams of Serie A and all around the world. There are tremendous players who are currently playing for Juventus. One of them is Cristnaldo Ronaldo, the most popular footballer across the globe. The best entertaining style of Ronaldo7 works like a magnet to the supporters. That’s why he has created the place in the hearts of football fans.

Ronaldo has the most fan following in each part of the world. He is watched and liked by his millions of fans. He is the best player in each football league from UEFA to Serie A.

According to history, Juventus scored many hat-tricks in the many football leagues. But in this article, we are focussing on the recent Serie hat-tricks scored by the Juventus. Let’s dive into more details…

Ronaldo begins 2020 with 1st Serie A hat-trick for Juventus?

Yes, Juventus begins 2020 with the 1st fantastic Serie A hat-trick. It happened when Juventus faced Cagliari to the Serie A on Monday 6, 2020.

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a second-half hat-trick to Cagliari at home to become the top leaders of Serie A. This amazing hat-trick took Ronaldo to scored eight goals in his last five league games.

By this win  Juventus grip top position in the Serie A with 45 points from 18 games. It was Ronaldo’s 1st hat trick in Serie A against Cagliari since joining Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018.

How many hat-tricks did Ronaldo score for Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo began 2020 on the great form and scored his 56th career hat-trick for Juventus over Cagliari 4-0 in Serie A. However scoring three goals in a match is not new for the Ronaldo7.

We are expecting much more entertaining hat tricks, Ronaldo will be scoring in the future.

Ronaldo vs Messi hat tricks comparisons

Juventus begins Serie A title 2020 with hat-trick

When we compare Ronaldo to Messi, there are interesting results that come out. Messi scored 51 hat-tricks in his career, mostly 45 for Barcelona, 6 for his country Argentina. But still, he is slightly behind to Ronaldo who scored 56 career hat-tricks. It’s can be said that Ronaldo is dominating Messi in terms of overall career hat tricks.