Which Clubs are in the Canadian premier league?

What is the Canadian premier league (CPL)?
It is a new professional football league, founding across Canada on Saturday, April 27. It is followed by the Canadian Soccer Association. This soccer league consists of seven Canadian teams or clubs. Like any other Soccer League, CPL is one of the most successful league. It’s popularity growing each day by day.


These seven Clubs or Teams are playing in the Canadian Premier League:

As we know that there are 20 clubs who are playing in the Premier League. Likewise, there are 7 clubs who are playing in the Canadian Premier League (CPL)

  • Cavalry FC (Calgary)
  • FC Edmonton
  • Forge FC (Hamilton, Ont.)
  • HFX Wanderers (Halifax)
  • Pacific FC (Langford, B.C.)
  • Valour FC (Winnipeg)
  • York 9 FC (York Region, Ont.)


How many Canadian clubs are in MLS?

MLS also known as Major League Soccer is the greatest professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. Currently, there are three Canadian clubs who are playing in MLS.  Out of them, Toronto FC  became the first Canadian club that starts playing MLS since 2007.


Which players play in the CPL?

It’s clear that the Canadian premier league (CPL) has been presented for the benefit of Canadian players. Like the Canadian Football League, there are quite strict rules to which every CPL club must adopt and follow.